Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Water From An Earthen Pot


There are several health benefits of consuming water straight from a clay or earthenware container.

Before the invention of the refrigerator, water was kept in clay jars for later use. It’s a natural way to keep the water cold. This time-honored practice is not only more environmentally friendly than using plastic or glass containers, but it also has health benefits. There are also some wonderful benefits of drinking water from earthen pot:

1.Having cooling effects

On hot days, nothing sounds better than a glass of ice water. In order to maintain a drinkable temperature, refrigerants are now standard in every home. Water is kept cold at all times without any health advantages by using refrigerants.

We appreciate earthenware for its natural cooling capabilities. Water stored in earthenware containers stays cooler for longer. Water in the earthenware pots swiftly evaporates due to the surface’s microscopic holes. Because of this evaporation process, water held in clay pots remains at a cooler temperature for longer.

By doing so, it aids in temperature regulation and protects against heat stroke in the summer. You can beat the heat of summer with a glass of water straight from the clay pot.


2.Boost your metabolism.


Water stored in clay containers is free of various contaminants and has been shown to increase metabolic rate. Drinking water from clay vessels has been shown to increase energy levels and metabolism. In addition, the minerals in the water kept in an earthen vessel aid digestion.


3.Having an alkaline pH


These days, the majority of the foods we consume are acidic and contain toxic levels of lead. Clay used to create earthenware has an alkaline pH. These elements can neutralise the acidic effects of the foods you eat. These pots’ alkaline composition mitigates acidity in the water, making digestion easier.

It is therefore necessary to drink water from an earthen pot in order to minimise gastrointestinal and acid-related issues. Therefore, maintaining a healthy body requires maintaining a healthy PH balance, which is achieved by drinking water from earthenware.


4. Soft on the pharynx


Refrigerators have replaced clay pots because of their superior cooling capacities. However, many individuals don’t realise the risks they’re taking when they drink water straight from the fridge. The cold water in the fridge irritates my throat and makes it itch.

The use of earthenware pots is crucial in this regard. The serving temperature of water served from earthenware is just right, making it easy on the throat and preventing coughing fits.


5. Protects against sunburn


In the blazing heat of summer, sunstroke is a common medical emergency. To avoid getting sunstroke, it’s best to drink water straight from earthenware containers, as this helps preserve the water’s natural mineral content. Therefore, it facilitates rapid rehydration.


6. Natural antibacterial


Water stored in earthenware stays cold and is naturally purified. Because of its microporous structure, the water is purified to the point where it may be safely consumed by people. In this way, the quality of the water you drink is enhanced.

Water stored in an earthenware container is filtered free of harmful chemicals and bacteria. Chemicals and other potentially dangerous compounds are not present in or on earthenware containers. This indicates that water stored in clay vessels is completely safe to consume.


7. Sustainable Seventh

Water from an earthen or clay container is a green choice. Earthen containers are non-toxic and biodegradable, unlike metal cans and plastic bottles. If the matkas break, they may be easily discarded. For us, this is a sustainable alternative because it can be readily recycled for further use.




The next time you’re in need of a thirst-quenching drink of water, On scorching summer days, drinking water from a clay jug or matka is not a good idea. Using an earthen container to store your water provides all the advantages listed above.



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